• multimedia systems design and consulting
  • creation and development of multimedia content: anything from overhead transparencies to 3D animations
  • technical writing: proof reading, ghost writing, articles, resumes, manuals, testing materials

If it’s in any way related to multimedia, we can probably do it. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Over The Sun, LLC: This innovative company needed a technical writer to help them develop and manage a pictogram-based vocabulary for iConji, their latest application. Designed as an alternative to SMS (simple text messaging), iConji allows cross-cultural communications via built-in translations. With over 1200 pictograms, each representing a commonly used word or concept, they needed someone who really knew the English language. This included everything from spelling to grammar, research on word use frequencies, proofreading, and general problem-solving. We also created their article on Wikipedia.

Cole Publishing: We wrote over 40 feature articles for Municipal Sewer & Water magazine, a trade journal distributed by Cole Publishing in Three Lakes, WI. The articles focused on wastewater and potable water systems. Our experience in environmental science provided the necessary background, and vocabulary, for writing about this highly specialized industry.

American College Testing, Inc: We have written 20 physics units for the Medical College Admission Test, and 3 physics units for the ACT. Each consists of an explanatory paragraph on an assigned topic, original graphics and data charts, and 10 multiple-choice questions based on the material presented.

Foothills Academy College Preparatory: Foothills is one of the preeminent charter schools in Arizona. We provided consulting and design for their classroom multimedia systems, one-on-one instruction for faculty and administration, faculty workshops in the use of computers and multimedia, and assistance with website development.

Desert Foothills Astronomy Club: This new organization, started in March of 2006, needed to establish a presence on the internet for publicity and internal communications. We designed their website from scratch, including an innovative online newsletter. Officers and members of the club are pleased with the design details and availability of information. Their hit count, and membership roster, continue to grow. In 2015 we migrated their website to WordPress to obtain the latest benefits of responsive themes and better reach mobile devices, as well as improving SEO. Do a search of “astronomy + club + phoenix” and you’ll always find us on the first page, usually in the top five. The exact rank depends on activity in the other area clubs.

Brophy College Preparatory: In 1997 this private, Jesuit high school embarked on an ambitious “5 year plan” to upgrade their entire campus, including electronic attendance and gradebooks, internet access, and classroom multimedia. We created a proprietary electronic gradebook system for their exclusive use, providing technical support and instruction. Their Physics Lab was chosen for a “showcase” multimedia system, and acted as a test platform for systems installed elsewhere on campus. We designed and assembled that system, including software selections for the course of study. The project received high marks from students, faculty, and administration.

Phoenix Astronomical Society: PAS, an organization of amateur astronomers, needed a “system on a cart” that could be securely stored at their host facility, and easily deployed for their monthly meetings. The Society was working on a limited budget, but they wanted a system that would not constrain their guest speakers’ presentations (which were becoming increasingly multimedia oriented). We assembled that system, using both new and used components, under budget, and to their exact specifications. After years of struggle with borrowed overhead projectors, blown bulbs, and constant logistics headaches, they are now enjoying the benefits of an easy-to-use and reliable multimedia system. We also provided assistance with revisions to their website, which was badly in need of reorganization and optimization.

Educational Guidance Services: EGS’s website that had been hobbled together by various sources. It needed a redesign and better organization. We incorporated new material, revised the page layout, designed a more user-friendly interface, and generally improved the transfer of information. The client was impressed with the efficiency and impact of his new website, and his clients enjoy improved access to information and services.

Songbird Woodworking: This small operation in Loveland, CO needed to expand its market. Starting from near-zero experience in multimedia, they are now using the power of this technology to extend their reach. We set up their home office, showed them how to use multimedia effectively, and created most of the graphic content needed to establish their presence on the web.

MossCorp: As a successful company specializing in Arizona real estate investment, MossCorp needed a website to promote their publications. We designed and built their website, and provided training in the use of electronic data management systems.