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Lesson Title: Light Clocks, Time Dilation, & Length Contraction
Grade Range: 9+
Format: 1080x810 30 fps MP4 H.264
RT = 6:15 total

Content: Three related videos introducing the topic of Special Relativity.

Video 1: The Light Clock (RT = 1:54)
Video 2: The Light Clock in Motion - Part 1 (RT = 2:12)
Video 3: The Light Clock in Motion - Part 2 (RT = 2:09)

We begin with Einstein's concept of the light clock. Its behavior at rest differs from that when in motion. The second video presents the effect known as time dilation, and the third presents length contraction. This lesson is a basic introduction to Special Relativity. Four practice problems for students are included. MML #012 extends this lesson to include the concept of simultaneity.

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