Lesson Title: Physics Sourcebook
Grade Range: 9+
Format: PDF
123 pages

This can be used as a supplement for first-year physics courses, or as a self-contained introduction to physical science. There are 3 sections:

Advanced Topics: Included for the motivated student, it covers areas often omitted from introductory texts (Archimedes’ Principle, orbital mechanics, bio-energetics, etc.). Most incorporate practice calculations, with answers, for a self-test.

Worksheets: All present engaging real-world problems, with answers, from traditional areas of physics. Most incorporate diagrams to help identify relevant physical factors.

Appendix: This comprehensive resource contains just about all the reference information a science student (or teacher) could need. Copyright-free masters for cartesian, polar, semi-log, and log-log graph paper are included.

Click on the cover icon for a 15-page preview including usage guidelines, full table of contents, and sample pages from each section.

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