Lesson Title: Linear Orbit Simulation
Grade Range: 9+
Format: 1080x810 30 fps MP4 H.264
RT = 2:35

Content: This 2-scene video depicts a hypothetical orbit with eccentricity e = 1. Note: this never happens. Still, we can learn some interesting physics. It's what's called a gedankenexperiment (thought experiment). We place two identical Earths in mutual orbit around their barycenter. We position the Moon at a point equidistant from both Earths. Then we watch what gravity does.

We look at the resulting "orbit" from two frames of reference (points of view). First, we observe from a frame that is co-rotating with the two Earths. Second, we observe from a frame that is fixed in space and not rotating. The appearance is strikingly different.

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