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Lesson Title: The Science of Orbits
Grade Range: 7+
Format: 1080x810 30 fps MP4 H.264
RT = 9:50 total

Content: Four related videos showing how an "orbit" is a state of motion in which a body is continuous falling toward the Earth, but never getting any closer to the ground. That's a highly unintuitive concept, but we explain it with a series of animations starting with basic 2D kinematics. We begin with Galileo's apocryphal experiment in Pisa, Italy.

Video 1: Galileo's Law of Falling Bodies (RT = 0:45)
Video 2: The Cannonball Paradox (RT = 3:25)
Video 3: Flat Earth vs. Curved Earth (RT = 2:40)
Video 4: Two Ways to Visualize Orbits (RT = 3:00)

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