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We focus on physical sciences, specializing in astronomy, physics, meteorology, and earth science. If you’re looking for a video that shows how an object at rest remains at rest, you’ve come to the wrong place. Our goal is to provide lessons that would be dangerous, difficult, or time-consuming to demonstrate in the classroom. If the experiment can be done, get the equipment and make it so. Hands-on is always better than a video. Before purchasing, you should read About Our Videos.

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The Science of Orbits MML #001
Linear Orbit Simulation MML #003
The Earth-Moon System MML #004
The Midnight Sun MML #007
Redshift and Blueshift MML #009
Riding a Wild Elevator MML #002
How We Make Electricity MML #005
The Doppler Effect MML #008
The Speed of Light MML #010
Light Clocks, Time Dilation, & Length Contraction MML #011
Lightning and Thunder MML #006
Physics Sourcebook MML #013
780 Multiple-Choice Questions MML #012
Applied Science Investigations MML #014