NOTE: This graph paper was created with standard 1.0″ top and left margins. Right and bottom margins float a bit depending on divisions, but are approximately 1″. This leaves sufficient space for labeling and numbering the axes. The fine lines of the graph paper are 0.5 pt at 50% gray-level, which is easy to see but doesn’t overwhelm the data. Accent lines (every 10 divisions) are 1.0 point at 75% gray-level. The original vector images were rasterized at 600 dpi for precise conversion. This makes for larger files, but provides nice output using common printers and legible photocopies for mass consumption.

Be aware that the posted scale is “as created.” By the time the document makes its way through your printer and appears as hardcopy, the scale may have changed slightly. If the scale needs to be exact, measure your printed output with a ruler and adjust the scale of your printout (if possible) via your printer software. Copy machines often have the same problem (and solution). Be also warned that viewing some of this graph paper onscreen generates weird Moiré patterns unlike what will actually print.

blank paper for artists8½" x 11"blank.pdf
lined paper for writers50 pointlined.pdf
cartesian, 22 x 16 divisions1 div/cmcm-1.pdf
cartesian, 46 x 33 divisions, accents2 div/cmcm-2.pdf
cartesian, 90 x 65 divisions, accents4 div/cmcm-4.pdf
cartesian, 115 x 82 divisions, accents5 div/cmcm-5.pdf
cartesian, 18 x 13 divisions2 div/inchinch-2.pdf
cartesian, 36 x 26 divisions, accents4 div/inchinch-4.pdf
cartesian, 45 x 32 divisions, accents5 div/inchinch-5.pdf
cartesian, 54 x 39 divisions, accents6 div/inchinch-6.pdf
cartesian, 72 x 52 divisions, accents8 div/inchinch-8.pdf
cartesian, 90 x 65 divisions, accents10 div/inchinch-10.pdf
polar, 30 divisions, accents1 div/degpolar.pdf
semi-log, 50 divisions, accents1 cyclesemilog-1.pdf
semi-log, 50 divisions, accents2 cyclesemilog-2.pdf
semi-log, 50 divisions, accents3 cyclesemilog-3.pdf
log-log, accents1 cycleloglog-1.pdf
log-log, accents2 cycleloglog-2.pdf
log-log, accents3 cycleloglog-3.pdf

Don’t see exactly what you need? ASK for it. If I get more than a few requests I’ll add it to the offerings. What you see here is probably 99% of what most people need. Sorry, but larger blank paper is not available.

WHY IS THIS FREE? Heimhenge Enterprises provides these graph paper master copies free of charge with no restrictions. Why? Good question. I went through a lot of graph paper back in school, as a student and as a teacher. That stuff is expensive, and hard to find in many of its forms. Bookstores usually have what you need, but charge exorbitant prices. In the early 90’s I discovered FrameMaker™, a technical writer’s word processor, and found that I was able to create my own graph paper (cartesian, polar, logarithmic) with comparative ease. Being of the mind that “graph paper is to science students as lined paper is to writers as blank paper is to artists,” I decided to level the playing field and provide this tool gratis for scientific doodlers. In fairness to artists and writers, I’ve also provided blank and lined paper.