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The field of educational multimedia encompasses hardware, software, and methods of use. It’s a dynamic and challenging field where, as the technology evolves, so must the methods. Mimeograph machines, filmstrips, reel-to-reel tape recorders, 16 mm movies, typewriters, and overhead projectors seem quaint by today’s standards, but were essential tools of the trade in their day. The need to present educational multimedia has not changed. Twenty years ago the field was limited by available technology. Today, if you can imagine it you can do it.

Classrooms in the 21st century will become increasingly reliant on the use of multimedia. Today’s students are more visual learners than those of previous generations. They seek, expect, and react more positively to instruction that goes beyond the traditional lecture approach. More and more schools are responding, as budgets permit, with increasing outlays for classroom technology. But there are pitfalls along this route, as is evidenced by the number of underutilized and misapplied multimedia systems already installed. Further, the techniques for effective use of multimedia do not come packaged with the hardware or software; documentation is often sparse or confusing; formal training is hard to find.

There is a content problem as well. Much of what is passed off as educational multimedia these days is pedagogically ineffective. Brilliant ideas are poorly executed. Easy concepts are presented with “bells and whistles” that add little substance and often distract or mislead. Perhaps not surprisingly, some of it is just plain wrong.

Heimhenge Enterprises can provide solutions to these problems. Our products and services include engaging and effective educational multimedia for science and mathematics on-site workshops or individualized personal instruction in the use of multimedia multimedia systems consulting and design freelance technical writing

I founded Heimhenge Enterprises in 1998. My degrees are in Physics and Ecology, awarded at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay in 1975, with secondary education certificates in Physics, General Science, and Mathematics. I’ve taught these subjects for 30+ years, with successful tenures at public, private, denominational, and charter schools. My multimedia skills come largely from personal experience. I’ve been working with computers and audio-visual systems since the mid-1970’s.

Though I’ve retired from formal teaching, my commitment to quality education remains. I aspire now to teach the teachers, enabling their effective use of multimedia technology in the classroom. Education in the 21st century will increasingly rely on these tools.


Heimhenge Enterprises has been operating and registered in the state of Arizona since 1998 as a sole proprietorship. See our current license here. Vitae available on request.