Heimhenge Enterprises specializes in educational videos. Our lessons provide students with engaging content that helps them learn science and math. For your students, our content is an enjoyable break from traditional lectures and worksheets.

Some things you should know about our videos …

  • Special Effects: You won’t find any fancy special effects, elaborate transitions, or other distracting clutter in our videos. We present the science in a simple, direct, efficient format.
  • Silent Running: Most of our videos run silently, allowing teachers to do grade-level-specific narration. With teacher narration, pausing or rewinding in response to feedback, Q&A can be spontaneous and enhance the learning process.
  • Interaction: This is key: Our videos are designed to be interactive. You can’t start them, walk out to get a cup of coffee, and return to the classroom later. Our videos run for only a few minutes and require your presence to pause or repeat scenes, make comments, answer questions, and ask questions.
  • Teachers Notes: Every video includes Teachers Notes, a resource for Q&A, narration, and in-depth study. The Notes are in DOCX format to enable the MS Word equation editor. They can be shared with capable students — readability scores range from G7–10.
  • Class Websites: Based on your assessment of student abilities, you might consider providing our content as a stand-alone class resource. Most A/B students can learn from our content independently.
  • Grade Levels: Suggested grade levels are just that — suggested. Every class has a range of students with differing abilities, and nobody knows your class better than you do. Choose wisely my friend.
  • New Teachers: If you’re a new science teacher, by choice or by assignment, our content can be especially valuable. It provides fresh insights into important science concepts. And students will appreciate your inclusion of video content in the lesson plan.
  • Video Display: Our videos are sized to display well on individual monitors, digital TVs, and classroom projection systems. Fonts are large, high-contrast, sans serif, and can be easily read from the back of the classroom. 
  • Have Fun: All content has been classroom-tested. Most students give it 10/10 stars!